One Night At The Lake by Bethany Chase


Leah has been waiting for this moment a long time: Her boyfriend, Ollie, is taking her to his family’s home on Seneca Lake for a week of lazy summer bliss, boating, and barbeque. The couple have been together four years, and Leah is convinced that Ollie is finally going to pop the question. Leah can’t wait to share the joyous news with her best friend, June, who is joining them on their getaway, and whose presence will make everything feel more real. 

Seven years later, the moment June has been dreading has finally arrived: Her fiancé, Ollie, is taking her to his family’s lake house. But this is not an ordinary visit to an ordinary place; it is a house haunted by June’s long-buried memories of her lost friend Leah—and the connection that appears to remain between Leah and the man for whom June’s love is as deep as her grief.


Thank you, Penguin Random House Canada for my copy of One Night at the Lake, in exchange for my honest review.  This title releases June 18, 2019.

I changed gears from my usual thriller theme when I picked this one up and so I did not go into it expecting fast-paced suspense, and this contributed to my enjoyment of this story.  This is definitely a slow burn.

The story follows a friendship between to women, June and Leah and the summer Leah dies tragically in an unfathomable accident one weekend by the lake where she and a small group of friends were staying.  The circumstances surrounding Leah’s accident remain to be unraveled as the group reunites at the lake house where that tragic night occurred. Secrets and lies creep through each of the characters in this book and you feel for each of them and the guilt they each carry about her death.

Told in alternating perspectives between Leah and June and then and now, respectively, this was an emotional read about the complexity of friendship when loyalty and betrayal are rerouted and later meet at a crossroad.

I would classify this more as women’s fiction rather than a thriller, as I think it was initially marketed as being.  I enjoyed this author’s writing style and the short chapters definitely keep me focused and engaged.  I enjoyed it enough to finish but I wouldn’t say it kept me at the edge of my seat – but I didn’t expect it to.

I would recommend this as light beach read and I think this would be enjoyed by readers of women’s/domestic fiction.

My Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Reading,
The Reading Beauty

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